lxcfs (2.0.5-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04.1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream bugfix release (2.0.5) (LP: #1647012):
    - Add Documentation key to systemd unit
    - bindings: allow getattr on O_WRONLY files
    - bindings: remove noop check
    - fix Active/Inactive /proc/meminfo
    - macro: add header for shared macros
    - pam_cgfs: reimplement and add cgroupfs v2 support
    - pam_cgfs: re-use cgroups that already belong to us
    - pam_cgfs: handle cgroupfs v1 cpuset controller
    - pam_cgfs: improve logging
    - cgroups: handle non-existent isolcpus file
  * Cherry-pick upstream bugfix:
    - tests: Fix run on ppc64el

Date: 2016-12-03 04:58:09.848873+00:00
Changed-By: Stéphane Graber <stgra...@stgraber.org>
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