golang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2 (0.0~git20161126.1.82a07a6-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04.1) 
xenial; urgency=medium

  * Update to current upstream snapshot (LP: #1647017)
    - bindings C: check for LXC_DEVEL in version.h file
    - bindings go: check for LXC_DEVEL in version.h
    - lxc-binding: add binding for c->attach()
    - container: add RunCommandNoWait()
    - lxc_test: add test for RunCommandNoWait()
    - Move LXC_DEVEL define to after version.h include
    - c/r: make sure container is running before doing a dump
    - container, error: return correct error
    - Fix TestRunCommandNoWait failure
    - tests: Skip architecture test on !x86
    - tests: Make skip messages consistent
    - Run "go fmt"
  * Restrict autopkgtest to standalone systems

Date: 2016-12-03 05:50:09.564454+00:00
Changed-By: Stéphane Graber <stgra...@stgraber.org>
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