Hi Andrew

   I think you probably missed our patched area and some forum discussion on 
the iscsi problem. There is a patch available that fixes the issues you have in 
the diff.

   Andrew, what version of iscsi did u have by default on Ubuntu 8.10 and what 
did u end up with after the backport. Milind, Any comments on the iscsiadm 
version problem on Ubuntu ?

   I will take a look at the log for the hang and see if I can spot anything. 
Does it happen if you wait for the summary area to be populated and then expand 
the groups and nodes ?
   For the migration problem, it seems there may not be corresponding VM config 
file for the running VM (testvm2). 
 -- when the VM is running on the first node, can you do an Edit Settings for 
the VM and see config parameters ? 
 -- When u shutdown / kill that VM, does it disappear from the tree ?
 You may want to select the managed server (vmhost2) and use Import config 
file(s) menu option and select the config file for the testvm2. Start the VM 
and try migration. Let us know how it goes, and we can dig further in to it.

Regarding Linux Distros : 
-- We are currently using Fedora with KVM-70 and Cent OS 5.2 with KVM-72 for 
most things. We do have Ubuntu, SLES, etc.. for testing as well.

It would be great, if others can also share their distributions that are 
working well for them.




--- On Sat, 1/3/09, Andrew Séguin <ase...@gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Andrew Séguin <ase...@gmail.com>
> Subject: [convirt-users] Convirt on Ubuntu
> To: xenman-users@lists.sourceforge.net
> Date: Saturday, January 3, 2009, 5:02 AM
> Hi,
> Convirt seems a great software solution, many thanks to all
> working on it.
> I'd like to report on my recent experiences with it
> under Ubuntu 8.10 (mixed
> success) and see if you have any tips as to the problems
> I'm still facing.
> First, a little about the environment: it consists of
> Ubuntu 8.10 i386
> desktop  on a pentium 4 ("vmconsole"), and of
> Ubuntu 8.10 64bit server on
> two Xeon systems ("vmhost1" and
> "vmhost2")
> A seperate system exports a folder over NFS (virtual
> machine files, CD iso
> images, etc), and exports logical volumes as iSCSI targets
> (one target per
> virtual machine). The NFS mount is the same on all three
> systems, iSCSI
> targets are visible on all three systems. I believe this
> should be a fair
> setup to support/test live migration?
> I first faced an Ubuntu specific problem (problems with
> iscsiadm), where I
> ended up experimentaly "backporting" the package
> for Ubuntu Jaunty (9.x) to
> get support for iscsiadm -m session.
> Second, I had to patch a little the iscsi storage.sh script
> (see the
> attached convirt_iscsi_StorageScript.txt for a diff &
> notes), to be able to
> get the Storage feature to work from the gui.
> After those two issues, I was able to provision a testvm1
> to vmhost1, and
> testvm2 to vmhost2 (using an iso file as the CD drive, and
> an iscsi target
> for the first hard disk), and started installations of
> Ubuntu i386 in them,
> attach to the console without problems.
> But here start some blocking points for me:
> First, ConVirt freezes from time to time, it would seem
> when I click to look
> at the summary of a server or at the summary of all servers
> in one server
> group - however I can't pinpoint the exact cause. I
> attached the relevant
> parts of the logs in ConvirtFreeze_LogTails.txt. I manage
> to work by
> clicking on Image Store before clicking on the arrow to
> expand a server
> (which causes ConVirt to ask me for the password). After
> that, I can freely
> click on any VM, but clicking on a server or server group
> is risking a
> freeze. I'll see about trying later to setup ssh keys
> later to see if that
> helps something.
> Second, live migration is not working. When I drag testvm2
> from vmhost2 to
> vmhost1, the system first reminded me "gently"
> that I needed socat
> installed. Fixed that, now the message is as follows:
> Migrate domain /
> Errors in migrate all operations / Error migrating testvm2:
> 'NoneType'
> object has no attribute 'set_managed_node'. If
> it's related, when I right
> click on a VM, choose "Change VM Settings", all
> the fields are blank. I've
> attached LiveMigrateException_ConvirtLog.txt with the
> exceptions as a live
> migrate is attempted.
> So, once again, thanks for the interesting software, but
> any thoughts what
> might be the cause of the above two problems would be quite
> welcome (or how
> I can debug further).
> Many thanks,
> Andrew
> ps: I'm not 100% stuck on Ubuntu, what would be the
> recommendations of
> development as the most tested platform? OpenSuse, Fedora,
> CentOS, other?
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