i have some cenots 5.2 dom0 which I would like to mananage with Convirt,
should this generally work?
I installed both convirt from source according to the manual that
comes with convirt.
I did run the ./configure-xend.sh 3.1, than i read we should use the
3.0.3 script for centos,
i did that too. And I added the [default] section to the client.

When I try to connect to the server i get:

<ProtocolError for 192,.168.50.224::8000/RPC: 404 Not found>

Do i have to do any more changes to the server?
Does XEN have to run on my ubuntu client where I run the ConVirt GUI?
There are no VM on that machine, just office stuff.
Does convirt have to run on the server(dom0)?

thx a lot


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