2010/6/10 Jesús M. Navarro <jesus.nava...@andago.com>:
> Hi, Joel:
> El Jueves, 10 de Junio de 2010 14:03:09, Joel Merrick escribió:
>> Hi all
>> I'm wondering about the HA aspect of convirture, let me list some failure
>> cases;
>> 1) A given VM host dies.. how do the VMs on that machine get
>> migrated/failed over to other live VM hosts.
> See my mail from jun the 5th with subject "Unable to migrate guests from
> failing hosts".  It seems the guests get "stucked" on the failed
> virtualization host and you can't use convirture to move them to a different
> host and restart them there.

[resent to list]

Hmm, that's not great. It seems to me like you are trying to do the
same things as I am.

In an 'ideal world' if a node dies, it should just automagically
migrate the VMs to the other nodes (balanced of course) and flag up
the error and create an action to replace the dead node

This is something I've been having difficulty achieving using several
similar projects.. was hoping that convirture would do it (seems to
elude to it on the website)

Is this extra functionality available in the Enterprise Beta perhaps?
Signed up, waiting to hear back

On a side note, just found out we have a Fibre Channel disk shelf and
switch going begging.. so we could use that for storage, although how
it'd handle the multipathing is beyond me at this stage


$ echo "kpfmAdpoofdufevq/dp/vl" | perl -pe 's/(.)/chr(ord($1)-1)/ge'

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