Heikki Lindholm wrote:
> Jan Kiszka kirjoitti:
>> Heikki Lindholm wrote:
>>> Xenomai might preempt linux when linux has cleared a tasks MSR_FP, but
>>> not yet set last_task_used_math to NULL. As a result the tasks MSR_FP
>>> will get set, although it should be cleared. If the task happens to hit
>>> one of the codepaths that save FPU state if MSR_FP is set, the wrong FPU
>>> state might be saved to the task. The attached patch should fix this. I
>>> couldn't try it on most recent Xenomai trunk, because latency wouldn't
>>> build anymore. However, I see no reason it shouldn't work. All thee
>> Is it still broken with latest revision 376? Philippe had merged the fix
>> for my mess, and it worked at least for 2.6 on my box again.
> I'd say this has been unchanged since the beginning (0.9?).

Then, what latency are we talking about? My last modifications went to
src/testsuite/latency. Did you mean ksrc/skins/native/demos/latency.c?


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