Philippe Gerum wrote :
> I've run the satch example successfully on an Icecube board 
> here using -rc2. 
> What's the status of this issue on your side? Was it a timer 
> configuration issue as suspected by Gilles?

Status is unchanged. I still try to debugg satch with gdb/ddd and have been a 
little bit successfull with this. But I face more and more problems the deeper 
I dig into the system (e.g. unresolved symbols when compiling vxWorks-examples 
with --debug enabled (see other thread) or now, gdb moans about "cannot find 
bounds of current function" (do you have any idea, what this means ?))

I donĀ“t think it is a timer problem, as my timer is running in oneshot mode and 
not in continous mode what causes the problem on Gilles system. But I am not 

Nevertheless, thank you for asking !! If you have any other suggestions what I 
can do, please let me know. I will inform you when the status changes on my 

Best Regards

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