Sorry Jan, I was looking at a different documentation. Now I read the right 
one. It is good. But I didn't understand why didn't you keep the latter note: 
"The nucleus timer has to be started to obtain valid results." I would 
include it before the other note.

Thank you,


Em Segunda 13 Março 2006 14:15, Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas escreveu:

>Em Segunda 13 Março 2006 11:54, Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas escreveu:
>>I liked the note, but I would include another one:
>>"When in periodic mode, the time resolution is limited to the tick set to
>> the system timer" or something like. Maybe:
>>"[If using periodic mode, note that ]The time resolution is limited by the
>>system timer tick". Well my English is not that good, so I think you could
>>give a better description, but I really need this note is very useful.
>Actually, I would add them to rtdm_task_busy_sleep() documentation too.
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