I'm currently working on extending the VxWorks skin so that it is going to be callable from user-space directly, without needing the UVM environment. This will also make its functional extension easier in the future, especially with respect to bsp-related services.

While I'm at it, I'd also like to polish a few corner cases, so that we have the closest possible emulation of the original RTOS services. Unfortunately, the VxWorks documentation is rather terse on some behavioural aspects, and I have no VxWorks target at hand to test and check them. Therefore, I definitely need help from people reading this list who also happen to be VxWorks users, for providing the following missing bits of information:

- How does taskName() behave when passed a null task id? Is it equivalent to specifying taskIdSelf(), or does it lead to a NULL error return?

- How does msgQSend() behave when passed an invalid message priority, i.e. neither MSG_PRI_NORMAL nor MSG_PRI_URGENT?

- How does taskInit() behave when passed an invalid set of task options? Are the invalid flags ignored, or does the routine return an error status?

If you happen to have a VxWorks target at hand regardless of the architecture, and are willing to help improving the behavioural correctness of the VxWorks skin, then your input will be most welcome.



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