Philippe Gerum wrote:
 > The current implementation is one thing (we could fix it), the purpose 
 > of the tool is another, and actually, this is the latter which seems 
 > useful to me. By sharing some common tests between native preemption and 
 > real-time sub-systems like Xeno, we would make performance comparisons 
 > more relevant. 

Ok. I added the tool. I also had to add some cruft to to
get the --wrap flags in src/testsuite/cyclic/Makefile.

Now, running this test seem to have uncovered a bug with the binary heap
based timers that the latency test did not show. I am investigating on
this, but in the mean time, please do not enable the binary heap timers

 > Additionally, I'm convinced that the POSIX skin is an 
 > underutilized goodie albeit it works damn well and obviously favours a 
 > close integration within the Linux environment, simply because there is 
 > a lack of explanation about it. Illustrating how one could leverage it 
 > is always a good thing.

Well, thanks. I believe that if the POSIX skin works well, it is simply
because its testsuite has a good coverage. As for the documentation, you
may have noticed that I am in the process of documenting the POSIX API,
you can follow the progression here :

Please, everybody, feel free to send comments, critics, patches.

I guess you would like something like a POSIX API tour, but in order
to write that, we would need a concrete example, such as, for example,
playing .wav files with a PC speaker.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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