Hannes Mayer wrote:
Hi all!

Well, subject says almost all.
I remember there has been an effort to make a fusion/rt-preempt
patch conglomerate back then.
I'm just curious (as I've just been toying with the Molnar
patch) - has that thing been dropped in xeno completely ?

Clearly not, it is still on the project's agenda, but PREEMPT_RT has been too much of a moving target recently, not to speak of the vanilla 2.6 kernel itself. Even if Xeno's core has not changed in the same proportions, a large refactoring has taken place for 2.1 though.

Additionally, PREEMPT_RT's infrastructure has evolved a lot since Xeno was first ported over such kernel, and the way to interface both sub-systems likely needs to be re-thought. This combo cannot be done overnight, but I think that we are getting close to point where it would be possible to rework on this issue.

This work is likely going to start by a test campaign evaluating PREEMPT_RT's and Xeno's nucleus performances in a series of simple and relevant test cases over different ranges of platforms, so that we could measure up to which point (and under which condition) the real-time spectrum would be widened by using a combination of both.



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