Linking my vxworks application library (about 180 C++ files) against xenomai 
2.1 gives me now the following errors:
(.text+0x14d4): more undefined references to `wind_current_context_errno' 
../../obj/xeno-ppc/BSys_lib.a(BSysTick.o): In function 
`BSysTick::now()':BSysTick.cpp:(.text+0x1dc): undefined reference to 

It does not however complain about the other used functions like taskSpawn.
Looking at  /usr/xenomai/lib/libvxworks.a using nm gives me the following 
$ nm -o /usr/xenomai/lib/libvxworks.a |grep tickGet
/usr/xenomai/lib/libvxworks.a:tickLib.o:00000000 T tickGet
$ nm -o /usr/xenomai/lib/libvxworks.a |grep wind_current_context_errno
/usr/xenomai/lib/libvxworks.a:errnoLib.o:00000000 T wind_current_context_errno
$ nm -o /usr/xenomai/lib/libvxworks.a |grep taskSpawn
/usr/xenomai/lib/libvxworks.a:taskLib.o:00000d80 T taskSpawn

Is this the result that tickGet is defined as xnticks_t tickGet(void) in 
xenomai but as int tickGet(void) under vxWorks?

Any help would be appreciated? Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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