Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> At this chance: any comments on the panic-freeze extension for the
>> tracer? I need to rework the Xenomai patch, but the ipipe side should be
>> ready for merge.
> No issue with the ipipe side since it only touches the tracer support
> code. No issue either at first sight with the Xeno side, aside of the
> trace being frozen twice in do_schedule_event? (once in this routine,
> twice in xnpod_fatal); but maybe it's wanted to freeze the situation
> before the stack is dumped; is it?

Yes, this is the reason for it. Actually, only the first freeze has any
effect, later calls will be ignored.

Hmm, I though to remember some issue of the Xenomai-side patch when
tracing was disabled but I cannot reproduce this issue again (was likely
related to other hacks while tracking down the PREEMPT issue). So from
my POV that patch is ready for merge as well.


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