Dmitry Adamushko wrote:
> Hi,
> the previous version contained an ugly bug, namely the misuse of the
> test_and_set/clear_bit interface
> that led to a broken system from time to time.

What about the ISA/edge-triggered stuff? :D

My problem is that we cannot test here on real hardware because all our
shared IRQs reside on PC104 cards.


PS: I guess this one does not add much functionality: ;)

@@ -181,8 +235,7 @@ int xnintr_destroy (xnintr_t *intr)
  * @param cookie A user-defined opaque value which is stored into the
  * interrupt object descriptor for further retrieval by the ISR/ISR
- * handlers.
- *
+ * handlers. *
  * @return 0 is returned on success. Otherwise, -EINVAL is returned if
  * a low-level error occurred while attaching the interrupt. -EBUSY is
  * specifically returned if the interrupt object was already attached.

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