Romain Lenglet wrote:
 > > This looks like separated issues: fixes of the debian
 > > directory may go in the Xenomai svn repository, and cause a
 > > debian package update without a new upstream release. But
 > > there are maybe other issues ?
 > Alright, but we should be able to make changes in both the 
 > Xenomai code and the Debian files, independently.
 > If a package has been released, then if we want to release a new 
 > revision of the package that corrects Debian-only issues, then 
 > we must be able to ignore any modification in the repository 
 > that do not concern the Debian files, to create the new package.
 > We can do that with either separate repositories, or branches in 
 > svn.

Handling a separate branch mean seems a lot of maintenance, whereas
updates of the debian packaging system would go in the debian directory
(I mean, except manapges ;-), and work on the trunk would never change
the debian directory. 

Maybe a lighter solution would be to maintain the debian directory at
another place in the repository, for example in packages/debian, and to
make it appear in trunk using the subversion svn:external attribute.
This way the debian directory would appear in all the releases of


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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