Jan Kiszka wrote:
Niklaus Giger wrote:
Am Samstag, 8. April 2006 10:44 schrieb Jan Kiszka:
Niklaus Giger wrote:
Hi everybody
This is a really great idea! Of course, I already have another test
candidate in mind: RTnet 8). Specifically the PPC environment would be
interesting, as our "buildbot" (sorry, Wolfgang G. ;) ) is typically
very busy so that build regressions are sometimes only detected with
delay on that platform. Is it also possible to explicitly trigger an
update and rebuild?
Yes of course. Just select a buildslave (e.g. ppc or hcu3 -> http://ngiger.dyndns.org/buildbot/hcu3) and you may manually trigger it. I intentionally left this facility open for everybody to test it. But it would of course be possible to restrict it only to a few selected developers.
If you want, I can help you to setup the master.cfg for a rtnet buildbot.

I would love to, but you know - time...

But also for Xenomai I would see this as a very useful tool, e.g. for
2.4 build tests (I must confess I only test sporadically against this
I will add one. Could you please e-mail me (privately if you want) a working config (ppc, no cross compiling if possible). Or do you want to add a build slave under your control?

Hmm, I would prefer to just use something, especially as my PPC
experiences are quite limited :). But I guess here are qualified people
listening who can quickly dig out some config.

In arch/ppc/configs of the (DENX) 2.4 kernel are plenty of configurations for the PowerPC boards, e.g. TQM8620_defconfig, icecube_5200_defconfig, TQM866M_defconfig, etc. But we need cross compilation for most of the embedded boards. Do you need the configuration with IPIPE and Xenomai options enabled?

Is there no reset button you could control via a master station, e.g. by
attaching some cheap electronic to a parallel or serial port?
There is a reset button, but then you have it running and consuming electricity all the times.

Yep, understandable.

I just remember that DENX once had or still have a remote PPC test-lab
running. I CC'ed Wolfgang, maybe he could comment on this if and how it
could be used.
I would be willing to setup a buildbot for the u-boot, too, as my board boots with a very outdated version of u-boot.

We simply use remote controllable power switches to switch the boards on and off.


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