Philippe Gerum wrote:
Jim Cromie wrote:

cycletest now has decent options passed in.
I havent given any thought to exposing options thru xeno-test's command line.

Instead, Im thinking of adding statistics, ala latency.
for that, Im also pondering a new -g 100 option to group the tests for stats-calcs,
ie given: -g 100 -l 1000 -v
it would compute statistics on 10 sets of 100 cycles, and report 10 lines.
Again, this is notional, comments/feedback needed.

This would be mainly useful for running different test scenarii - i.e. one per cycle? - I guess. But then, would not we have problems interpreting the results, since different testcases might lead to unrelated data sets? IOW, how would we use such data sets?

Several observations led me to this idea.
- in normal mode, the prog rewrites the same display line over and over
   it plays-back oddly when you more/cat the file.
- with -v, it prints successive lines, but less info per line (no avg)
   which makes sense, since the avg is at the bottom.
- 1000 lines of output is a boat-load, each is individually uninteresting / almost same as others.

with latency, each line/second of the output contains the average of *many* samples
10,000 samples of 100uS measures IIRC, and the inner min,max,avg tell us
about the high-frequency jitter,etc in the processes.
Then the multiple samples tell us something about the low-freq jitter.
IOW, we get a glimpse into the ergodicity of the noise
   (I say that, pretending I _understand_ ergodicity)

Whether it applies / makes sense here, Im not at all sure.

I hope thats everything for now,
it needs a good shakedown, and I need a beer.

Eh, I hope you had it by now, otherwise, you must be so damn thirsty... :o>

:-) Ya gotta try this - simple, but highly addictive. A sport we can *all* play.

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