Jan Kiszka wrote:
Dmitry Adamushko wrote:

Hi Jan,

running the attached test case for the native skin, you will get an ugly
lock-up on probably all Xenomai versions. Granted, this code is a bit
synthetic. I originally thought I could trigger the bug also via
timeouts when waiting on mutexes, but this scenario is safe (the timeout
is cleared before being able to cause harm).

just in order to educate me as probably I might have got something
wrong at the first glance :)

if we take this one:

--- mutex.c    2006-02-27 15:34:58.000000000 +0100
+++ mutex-NEW.c    2006-05-10 11:55:25.000000000 +0200
@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ int rt_mutex_lock (RT_MUTEX *mutex,
   err = -EIDRM; /* Mutex deleted while pending. */
   else if (xnthread_test_flags(&task->thread_base,XNTIMEO))
   err = -ETIMEDOUT; /* Timeout.*/
-    else if (xnthread_test_flags(&task->thread_base,XNBREAK))
+    else if (xnthread_test_flags(&task->thread_base,XNBREAK) &&
mutex->owner != task)
   err = -EINTR; /* Unblocked.*/


As I understand task2 has a lower prio and that's why

[task1] rt_mutex_unlock
[task 1] rt_task_unblock(task1)

are called in a row.

ok, task2 wakes up in rt_mutex_unlock() (when task1 is blocked on
rt_mutex_lock()) and finds XNBREAK flag but,

[doc] -EINTR is returned if rt_task_unblock() has been called for the
waiting task (1) before the mutex has become available (2).

(1) it's true, task2 was still waiting at that time;
(2) it's wrong, task2 was already the owner.

So why just not to bail out XNBREAK and continue task2 as it has a
mutex (as shown above) ?

Indeed, this solves the issue more gracefully.

The real issue with the XNBREAK bit is that xnpod_unblock_thread() should only raise it for threads which it does actually awake, and not for those which are already resumed, e.g. by a call to xnsynch_wakeup_sleeper().

This explains why task2 gets -EINTR from rt_mutex_lock() albeit the syscall has indeed succeeded, so that the next rt_mutex_unlock() was ok, but the downstream code might clearly be confused by such behaviour. It should get a success code instead, since it has been resumed by xnsynch_wakeup_sleeper() _before_ xnpod_unblock_thread() has been called against it. Fixed in the repository.



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