Sebastian Smolorz wrote:
Hello all,

the following is a really nasty problem I am trying to solve for months now. I really hope that someone on the list knows the solution.

As you may remember some months ago I announced a RTDM CAN driver for SJA1000 based cards (see The driver works well with the cards at our institute. Some time ago I was asked to extend the driver so that it would work also with a card from another vendor (Advantech PCM3680). By now, the driver does its job as expected, with one exception: It gets stuck in the interrupt handler. The problem is that the interrupt register of the SJA1000 chip does not get cleared after a read command like it should. So the driver never knows that there is no interrupt anymore and therefore never leaves the interrupt handler.

After I installed a break after 20 loops inside the handler and an additional read of the interrupt register in the following syscall routine issued by the test program, I noticed that the register is cleared! So I strongly think that the reason for clearing this register lies in actions taken after the driver left the interrupt handler. But I am not very sure about this. Maybe there is another reason I do not see (or in the end the hardware is faulty ...).

Did any of you experienced a similar problem in the past? Any hint would be appreciated!

Interestingly, the driver does not show the above behaviour with all interrupt numbers. E.g. with interrupt number 12 the driver gets no interrupt at all.

Some technical details:
- Linux Kernel 2.6.16
- adeos-ipipe-2.6.16-i386-1.3-01.patch
- Xenomai 2.1.50

It would be interesting to know how Adeos is asked to deal with such interrupt upon receipt, e.g. does it relay it to Linux? What do the following say? And also, which is the number of your interrupt in the dumps below?

$ cat /proc/ipipe/Xenomai
$ cat /proc/ipipe/Linux
$ cat /proc/xenomai/irq



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