Hi Jan,

Sorry for my late answer.

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> Envoyé : lundi, 15. mai 2006 17:18
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> Cc : Alexis Berlemont; ROSSIER Daniel
> Objet : LTTng intergration roadmap
> Hi,
> the need for a high-level tracing tool constantly increases with the
> growing code base of Xenomai applications.
> Yesterday I started a short discussion with Alexis about the status of
> his LTTng combo patch, the Xenomai integration, and the advances of
> LTTng itself. But there are certainly more people interested in this
> topic and may contribute ideas, comments, or even concrete code.
> Daniel, you once said that some of your students would start to work on
> this topic. In which domain precisely, more at patch level or rather on
> tools? What is the scheduled beginning and/or deadline for this thesis?

Yes, it's right; my student is actually working on a first investigation in 
order to prepare its diploma project which starts from October to December.
So, the most insteresting results should not come up until then. 

The project consists in enhancing LTTng with Xenomai events and some specific 
algorithmic filtering on the related events, such as detecting abnormal 
situations (deadline misses, priority inversion at a certain level, etc.); the 
way how events are presented are also an issue to be considered (events per 
threads and not per process, different ways to represent the events). We are 
therefore very open to some proposals and ideas.
The interesting thing is that Jean-Olivier (the student) will perform his 
project at Matthieu Denoyers's premises at Montreal; besides, he already 
visited him to have first discussions. I think this will help us greatly.

> Moreover, does anyone on this list recently tried LTTng on standard
> Linux? Can we consider it reasonably stable and usable? One new thing
> about LTTng internals which Alexis brought up were changes in the custom
> tracing event interface. As this is a rather crucial point with respect
> to the Xenomai instrumentation, we certainly do not want to change it
> back and forth until LTTng stabilises.
> Jan

Thanks also to Alexis. The way how to generated lttng events matches with how 
we're doing now; we will also examine his Xenomai events and give you a 

Of course, we keep the forum informed about the progress, but as mentioned 
before, it risks to evolve quite slowly on our side since the "big" project is 
for the three last months.


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