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                    Eighth Real-Time Linux Workshop

                          October 12-15, 2006
                       Lanzhou University - SISE
                        Tianshui South Road 222
                         Lanzhou, Gansu 730000


 Following  the  meetings  of  developers  and  users at the previous 7
 successful  real-time Linux workshops held in Vienna, Orlando, Milano,
 Boston,  and  Valencia, Singapore, Lille, the Real-Time Linux Workshop
 for  2006  will  come back to Asia again, to be held at the School for
 Information  Science  and  Engineering, Lanzhou University, in Lanzhou

 Embedded  and  real-time Linux is rapidly gaining traction in the Asia
 Pacific  region.  Embedded  systems  in  both  automation/control  and
 entertainment moving to 32/64bit systems, opening the door for the use
 of  full  featured  OS  like  GNU/Linux  on  COTS  based systems. With
 real-time  capabilities being a common demand for embedded systems the
 soft  and  hard  real-time  variants are an important extension to the
 versatile GNU/Linux GPOS.

 Authors  are  invited  to  submit  original  work dealing with general
 topics  related  to  real-time  Linux  research,  experiments and case
 studies,  as  well  as issues of integration of real-time and embedded
 Linux.  A  special focus will be on industrial case studies. Topics of
 interest include, but are not limited to:

   * Modifications and variants of the GNU/Linux operating system
     extending its real-time capabilities,
   * Contributions to real-time Linux variants, drivers and extensions,
   * User-mode real-time concepts, implementation and experience,
   * Real-time Linux applications, in academia, research and industry,
   * Work in progress reports, covering recent developments,
   * Educational material on real-time Linux,
   * Tools for embedding Linux or real-time Linux and embedded
     real-time Linux applications,
   * RTOS core concepts, RT-safe synchronization mechanisms,
   * RT-safe interaction of RT and non RT components,
   * IPC mechanisms in RTOS,
   * Analysis and Benchmarking methods and results of
     real-time GNU/Linux variants,
   * Debugging techniques and tools, both for code and temporal
     debugging of core RTOS components, drivers and real-time
   * Real-time related extensions to development environments.

Further information:

EN: http://www.realtimelinuxfoundation.org/events/rtlws-2006/ws.html
CN: http://dslab.lzu.edu.cn/rtlws8/index.html

Awarded papers

The  Programme Committee  will award a best paper in the category Real-
Time Systems Theory.  This best paper will be invited  for  publication
to the Real-Time Systems Journal, RTSJ.

The  Programme Committee will award a best paper in the category Real-
Time Systems Application.  This paper will be invited  for  publication
to the Dr Dobbs Journal.  Moreover, the publication of the other papers
in a special issue of Dr Dobbs Journal is in discussion.

Abstract submission

In  order register an abstract, please go to:


Lanzhou University Information Building, School of Information Science
and Engineering, Laznhou University, http://www.lzu.edu.cn/.


In  order  to  participate  to  the  workshop,  please register on the
registration page at:


Please refer to the Lanzhou hotel page for accomodation at

Travel information

For travel information and directions how to get to Lanzhou from an
international airport in China please refer to:

Important dates

August    28:  Abstract submission
September 15:  Notification of acceptance
September 29:  Final paper

Pannel Participants:

   o Roberto Bucher - Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera
     Italiana, Switzerland, RTAI/ADEOS/RTAI-Lab.

   o Alfons Crespo Lorente - University of Valenica, Spain,Departament
     d'Informtica de Sistemes i Computadors, XtratuM.

   o Herman Haertig - Technical University Dresden, Germany,Institute for
     System Architecture, L4/Fiasco/L4Linux.

   o Nicholas Mc Guire - Lanzhou University, P.R. China, Distributed and
     Embedded Systems Lab, RTLinux/GPL.

   o Douglas Niehaus - University of Kansas, USA, Information and
     Telecommunication Technology Center, RT-preempt.

Organization committee:

   * Prof. Li LIAN (Co-Chair), (SISE, Lanzhou University, CHINA)
   * Xiaoping ZHANG, LZU, CHINA
   * Jiming WANG, PKU, CHINA
   * Zhibing LI, ECNU, China
   * Prof.  Nicholas  MCGUIRE  (Co-Chair),  Real  Time Linux Foundation
   * Dr. Peter WURMSDOBLER, Real Time Linux Foundation (RTLF)
   * Dr.  Qingguo  ZHOU, (Distributed and Embedded Systems Lab, Lanzhou
     University, CHINA)

Program committee:

  * Prof. Li Xing (Co-Chair), (Tsinghua University, CHINA)
   * Dr.  Zhang  Yunquan,  (Institute  of  Software, Chinese Academy of
     Science, CHINA)
   * Dr. Chen Yu, (Tsinghua University, CHINA)
   * Dr. Chen Maoke, (Tsinghua University, CHINA)
   * Dr. Yu Guanghui, (Dalian University of Techonolgy, CHINA)
   * Prof.   Dr.   Paolo   Mantegazza,   (Dipartimento   di  Ingegneria
     Aerospaziale, ITALY)
   * Prof.  Dr.  Bernhard  Zagar,  (Johannes  Kepler  Universitt Linz,
   * Prof.   Dr.   Hermann  Hrtig,  (Technische  Universitt  Dresden,
     Fakultt Informatik, GERMANY)
   * Prof.  Tei-Wei  Kuo,  (National  Taiwan  University, Department of
     Computer Science and Information Engineering,TAIWAN)
   * Anthony Skjellum, (Mississippi State University, USA)
   * Ing. Pavel Pisa, (Czech Technical University, CZECH REPUBLIC)
   * Prof. Alfons Crespo, (Universidad Politcnica de Valencia, SPAIN)
   * Dr. Qingguo Zhou, (Lanzhou University, CHINA)
   * PhD. Jaesoon Choi, (National Cancer Center, KOREA)
   * Prof. Douglas Niehaus, (Kansas University, USA)
   * Dr. Michael Hohmuth, (Technische Universitt Dresden, GERMANY)
   * Prof.  Thambipillai Srikanthan, (Nanyang Technological University,
   * Zhengting He, (University of Texas, USA)
   * Martin Terbuc, (Universitz of Maribor, SLOVENIA)
   * Yoshinori Sato, (the H8/300 project, JAPAN)
   * Yuqing Lan, (China Standard SoftwareCo.,LTD, CHINA)
   * Dr. Peter Wurmsdobler, (Real Time Linux Foundation, USA)
   * Prof. Nicholas Mc Guire (Co-Chair), (Lanzhou University, CHINA)

Workshop organizers:

   * School  for  Information  Science and Engineering (SISE) , Lanzhou
     University , CHINA
   * IBM China, Xi'an Branch , China
   * Haag Embedded Systems, Austira

Peter Wurmsdobler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Nicholas Mc Guire <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Zhou Qingguo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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