Jan Kiszka wrote:
 > No problem, but only when combining with a
 > comment "Switch off CONFIG_INPUT_PCSPKR to use Xenomai" (or so)
 >      depends on !X86_TSC && X86 && INPUT_PCSPKR
 > Otherwise the user will be left alone here with a non-selectable Xenomai
 > option...
 > This actually remind me of my suggestion some months ago to add Kconfig
 > warnings for CONFIG_CPU_FREQ & friends. Might be a good chance to catch
 > this all. Is scripts/Kconfig.frag the preferred place to add it?

Why not? Here is a second patch that follows your suggestions.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.
Index: scripts/Kconfig.frag
--- scripts/Kconfig.frag        (revision 1402)
+++ scripts/Kconfig.frag        (working copy)
@@ -1,7 +1,20 @@
 menu "Real-time sub-system"
+comment "WARNING! You enabled CPU Frequency scaling or use of ACPI"
+       depends on CPU_FREQ || ACPI_PROCESSOR
+comment "processor C states as idle handler (ACPI 'processor' option)."
+       depends on CPU_FREQ || ACPI_PROCESSOR
+comment "These options are known to cause troubles with Xenomai."
+       depends on CPU_FREQ || ACPI_PROCESSOR
+comment "NOTE: Xenomai conflicts with PC speaker support."
+       depends on !X86_TSC && X86 && INPUT_PCSPKR
+comment "(menu Device Drivers/Input device support/Miscellaneous devices)"
+       depends on !X86_TSC && X86 && INPUT_PCSPKR
 config XENOMAI
+       depends on X86_TSC || !X86 || !INPUT_PCSPKR
        bool "Xenomai"
        default y
         select IPIPE
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