OB wrote:
> Hello, 
> I could not find any reference to a port of Xenomai (Adeos) on the
> Etrax/CRIS architecture. 
> There are reference to an RTAI port, without any activity at the moment.

Supporting an architecture is not "just" about writing a patch once, it
is also takes someone to keep an eye on it so that it evolves with the
projects, Linux kernel and RT-extension. The absolute minimum
requirement are active users/testers reporting any brokenness, even
better a maintainer providing fixes/updates. Obviously, this didn't work
for the RTAI port.

> If nobody is working on it, I'm ok to try !

You are welcome!

> My reference plateform is a FOX board, which include several GPIO and
> even a parallel port-like interface.
> http://www.acmesystems.it/?id=4
> Also, please let me know if anybody has any interest in this projet
> (beside me!) 

Maybe there are not already dozens of people waiting for CRIS support,
but once we have a clean and working port, I guess there will be people
showing up. Doing a bit advertising later in CRIS-related forums or to
board vendors can accelerate this even further.


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