Hi Jan

On Friday 23 February 2007 23:30, Jan Kiszka wrote:
> recent development on Xenomai and the underlying I-pipe patch [1]
> reached a point where real experiments on yet another architecture for
> RTnet are starting to make sense.
> In fact, RTnet has been enabled to build over x86_64 already two weeks
> back, including a necessary fix to the RTDM layer. I just checked again:
> it still compiles fine. 8)
> I'm lacking a test platform, so _you_ have the unique chance to be the
> first person running RTnet on 64 bits! Grab a 2.6.19 kernel and the
> latest I-pipe patch [2], checkout Xenomai [3] and RTnet trunk [4]. Put
> everything on some native 64-bit Linux installation and give it hell.

As you probably know, I've already committed to running tests over the weekend 
on real hardware - Not being familiar with RTnet, are there any test suites 
that can be used on say i386<->AMD64<->ppc ?

> Ah, and don't forget to report your findings!

/me is good at breaking "stuff" and reporting the results ;)

Regards, Paul.

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