Hi Philippe

On Tuesday 13 March 2007 16:30, Philippe Gerum wrote:
> > A question for the project admins: Do you have a Release Manager to
> > coordinate package releases ?
> I'm currently coordinating the Xenomai releases, with input from the
> sub-systems/architecture maintainers. I guess that by "package", you are
> referring to another division of the work, though.

By "package", I mean binaries in the form of *.deb and/or *.rpm - Whilst I'm 
happy to build and host i386/x86 Debian packages, I'm concerned about 
treading on someone's toes without a discussion about revision numbers and 
general policy about "official" releases. For example, the packages I've 
built to date have used 2.3.50 even although a tarball of that version hasn't 
been released.. That could well cause confusion for users and yourself if 
bugs are reported. There is also a minor problem with keeping the 
debian/changelog in sync.

 One possible answer is for me to rebuild my repository from scratch and 
append the SVN revision number to revision number so that we end up with 
2.3.50-1~r2289 - This would allow an official 2.3.50-1 release to override 
the ~r2289 revision..

Regards, Paul.

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