sorry, didn't realize the CC to the xenomai-core ML :-(. Here the 
English translation:

Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
> Hallo Jan,
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Hi Wolfgang,
>> I came across the fact that xeno_can_peak_dng is autoloaded on 2.6 due to
>> its PnP announcement via MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE. xeno_irqbench and
>> xeno_16550A used to behave similar, but both just as well as this driver
>> require manual parameters anyway. So let's remove the table and thus any
>> autoloading tendency. I also cleaned up a few driver messages at this
>> chance.
>> OK to apply?
> Ja, sieht gut aus und bei dir funktioniert es ja auch.

Yes, looks good and it's working for you, I assume.

> Ein Kunde von uns evaluiert gerade CAN-Festival mit RT-Socket-CAN auf 
> einem MPC5200-Board. Mal sehen, was dabei rauskommt.

FYI, a customer is currently evaluating CAN-Festival, a free CANopen 
implementation, with RT-Socket-CAN on a MPC5200. The rest is off-topic here.

> Die Socket-CAN-Integration hat ja jetzt auch begonnen. Da bin ich mal 
> gespannt. Sollte mal wieder die linux-netdev ML durchschauen.

FYI, the request for inclusion of Socket-CAN into the kernel has started 
on linux-netdev.

> Dann erstmal schöne Feiertage.

Have a nice weekend.


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