Jan Kiszka wrote:
> This patch for SVN trunk fixes most of the current bugs around hardware
> timer takeover and release from/to Linux. Tested and found working here
> (including SMP):
> - 2.6.22, APIC, highres=off, nohz=off
> - 2.6.22, APIC, highres=on, nohz=on
> - 2.6.20, APIC
> Tests to be done:
> - 2.6.22, PIT (currently building...)
> - 2.6.20, PIT

To close this topic: Also the tests with APIC switched off were
successfully completed yesterday. So the logic should be fine now, ...

> Things became quite complex in i386/hal.c now. Some of this complexity
> might be avoidable if RTHAL_APIC_TIMER_VECTOR equalled
> LOCAL_TIMER_VECTOR. What's the reason for this? Is it something related
> to pre-highres times of Linux (ie. 2.6.20 and earlier)? Can we overcome
> it, at least for recent kernels?
> So, while this patch may work correctly, my feeling is it needs yet
> another round of polishing, also looking for now possibly outdated comments.

...just this aspect needs to be addressed.


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