kapilkumar.jain wrote:
> Hello all,
> The problem i faced in Registering Interrupt in Xenomai, if my interrupt line 
> is shared with the ethernet irqs.
> If we register for the interrupt line which is shared by ethernet irqs we 
> will get the continuous interrupt.
> According to the Xenomai interrupt handling - we should return RTDM_IRQ_NONE 
> for unhandled interrupt.
> and RTDM_IRQ_HANDLED for interrupt handled.
> the problem if I return RTDM_IRQ_NONE, system get hanged with message
> __XINTIRQ_ No Body cared for IRQ 19
> IRQ 19 - same irq sharing with ethernet & my module.
> If instead of RTDM_IRQ_NONE i will return 0; it will not hang.
> but i am not sure about the functionality when it wil share with some other 
> irq which is important.
> what is the meaning of returning 0 from Xenomai ISR?

Using 0 directly is not valid, always use the constants, they (or they
docs) explain their meaning.

I guess you are rather looking for this explanation:

"What can I do if Xenomai and Linux devices share the same IRQ?"


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