Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Philippe Gerum wrote:
>  > Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>  > > Since binding of the semaphore heaps is now made by xeno_skin_bind, 
> there is
>  > > much less modifications in src/skins/posix/init.c. However, I had to do
>  > > something really ugly: since binding the semaphore heaps by 
> xeno_skin_bind
>  > > requires calls to open, ioctl, mmap, close and munmap, I redefined these 
> symbols
>  > > to be the __real_ variants before including bind.h.
>  > 
>  > Is there any upside to do this instead of simply calling the __real_*
>  > placeholders, since we do already provide weak wrappers for those when the
>  > linker's wrapping magic is not invoked?
> The point is that the wrappers and linker magic only take place for
> POSIX skins. Other skins have to call the genuine open, ioctl, mmap,
> close and munmap services.

What about controlling the desired prefix for generic functions in
bind.h via some #define that the caller has to/can set before including
the header:

#define POSIX_PREFIX    __real_
#include <asm-generic/bits/bind.h>

and there we would have:


Looks a bit cleaner to me.


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