> We do _not_ know what the heck your application does, whether it has
> problems or not. But, we could find out whether Xenomai has problems  
> or
> not on your particular hardware. You already confirmed that your
> RTAI-based implementation differed totally from your Xenomai-based  
> one,
> so comparing won't help either. Btw, do you really think that other
> users would settle for 3 digit latency figures on x86? Obviously  
> not, so
> what you see must be pathological. Therefore, the only question worth
> discussing is: who is causing this?

We have sent output from latency before, and the ones I have seen I  
think had a max of like 85us. We never ran it for an hour. We can do  
that with both latency -t1 and -t2.

It is probably our app that has problems, but I am trying to  
understand how the interactions work. The highest priority thread in  
our program does nothing but flip a bit and we're seeing that do weird  
things on a logic analyzer.

Nice angry email! :)


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