Dear All,
              I have been trying to install Xenomai on my Dual Core
Intel Machine. This CPU has 2 cores, so i wanted to enable the SMP flag
in the kernel configuration.

I started with downloading kernel ver from, and got
adeos patch as well as xenomai-2.4.7 downloaded. I used the
prepare-kernel script for patching. 

When i go to the make menuconfig. The real time subsystem section gives
a meassage that either the HPET_TIMER must be turned off or
X68_LOCAL_APIC must be turned off. 

After a lot of trials, i failed to find the options for turning of the
X86_LOCAL_APIC flag. 

Then i went on to fiddle and do some trials. 

I tried with subarchitecture type PC compatible, and the Processor type
to be Core2 or newer. The xenomai gets installed, but the latency i get
is really high. I am getting a maximum latency of around 30 us and even
this is not constant. it varies a lot. 

After some googling i found that i must have the SMI workaround. 
I enabled that and recompiled my kernel. But could not get good
latencies still.

Now please guide me as to how can i have the SMP enabled. I want that
the OS must use both the Cores of my CPU. 

Please also suggest if there is some documentation i can read to achieve
lower latencies.

Thanks in Advance


Hi-Tech Gears Limited, Gurgaon, India

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