Shashank Bhatia wrote:
> Dear All,
>             I had tried using ubuntu with xenomai, but the installation
> guide given on the Xenomai website does not work. I have the latest
> ubuntu 9.04 jaunty. The steps written work, but finally, when i try to
> boot into the newly patched and compiled kernel, it gives me errors
> related to file system and halts. 

We do not have enough details to help you. You do not tell us:
- which version of the Linux kernel you use
- which version of the Adeos I-pipe you use
- which version of Xenomai you use
- what is the exact error message you get.

If you take the exact same kernel configuration (and when I say exact, I
mean exact), with the exact same kernel sources, and only disable
Xenomai and Interrupt pipeline, and you still get the same error, then
the error you get is unrelated to Xenomai.


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