For sure! i'll glad to share the drivers, but in fact i have to study a
little bit more.
Perhaps i'll need to implement this driver but i don't have experience with,
and this will increase my project time significantly.
Anyway , thanks for your quickly answer, and sorry for my english ... :P
On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 10:24 AM, Gilles Chanteperdrix <> wrote:

> felipe felipe wrote:
> > Hi all ,
> > I'm starting with xenomai, i tried to get a realtime linux embedded for
> > a medical device.
> > I run some examples, but I'm a little bit lost.
> > I tried to run the cross-link example , tha uses the module xeno_16550A
> > but it seems that this module is not compatible with PXA serial driver
> > right?
> Dunno. You should be the one who knows if the serial driver you use is
> 16550 or not. In any case, if you implement another serial driver, we
> would be happy to include it in future releases of Xenomai.
> > There are some driver to get a serial driver working with PXA (Toradex
> > colobri) SOM ?
> > Another issue is about GPIO. I need to read some GPIO's , there are some
> > example , driver or something like that ?
> Nope. But again, if you implement a framework for GPIOs, we would be
> happy to include it in Xenomai.
> --
>                                           Gilles
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