Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Well, I can tell you that there are quite a few corner cases you would
> face in rewriting the queue/heap cleanup code. I'm not saying this
> should not be done, I just won't merge this to 2.5.0 to avoid more
> regressions. Let's fix the obvious for now, such as the missing
> descriptor deallocation in the post-release callback, and schedule a
> global cleanup refactoring for 2.5.1.

I would suggest to let us discuss this based on my patch series that I'm
currently testing (I also wanted to run a xenosim build test, but that
looks like futile effort - no chance to even get it configured on a
x86-64 host). Maybe you may want to cherry pick some of them, but maybe
they will show that there is enough benefit (== code simplification ==
bug risk reduction) to merge them all. Will be posted today.


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