Paolo Bernini wrote:
> Hello all, first of all I introduce myself: I am Paolo Bernini and I
> am a student of University of Pisa.
> While working on my thesis I wrote a real time driver for i.MX
> special serial devices based on current implementation of 16550A. It
> is very simple, it has several limitations and it is tested only for
> i.MX27 processors, but it should support any i.MX processor if
> supplied of their memory map of the devices.
> Actually it allocate only one device and the only way to choose
> which, is by in code constraints definitions but it can be easily
> enhanced, I think.
> If you are interested I can send it to you as is.
> Thanks.


I suspect this serial driver would interest many users of the imx
architecture, so, could you send it as a patch against the head branch?

Thanks in advance.


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