On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 22:42 +0100, ronny meeus wrote:
> Hello
> we are investigating to usage of the pSOS+ skin to port a large legacy
> pSOS application to Linux.
> The application model consist of several processes in which the
> application lives. All processes will make use of the pSOS library.
> After playing around with the library for some time we have observed
> several missing service calls, bugs and differences in behaviour
> compared to a real pSOS implementation:
> - missing sm_ident 


> - missing t_getreg / t_setreg in userland (patch already included in
> 2.5.5)
> - not possible to use skin from the context of different processes
> (patch already included in 2.5.5)
> - added support for identical task/queue/semaphore/region names by
> making names unique.
> - strange behaviour in pSOS message queue (see post "Possible memory
> leak in psos skin message queue handling").
> I can (and will) deliver patches for all issues I have found, but I'm
> wondering whether there are other people using the pSOS skin (in
> userland) in a real live application. The target for my project would
> be an embedded system with strong reliability requirements (very
> stable / long running etc).
> Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.
> It is not clear to me either which tests are executed before a new
> version is released. Is there any test-suite available for the pSOS
> skin?
> Best regards,
> Ronny 
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