krishna m wrote:
> Just wanted to add 3 more questions:
> 1. Which versions of Linux, Adeos patch and xenomai are tested for stable MSI 
> functionality ? Please let me know.
> 2. I am using the Xenomai Version linux-2.6.37, xenomai-2.5.6 and 
> adeos-ipipe-2.6.37-x86-2.9-00. Is this combination fine ?
> 3. I looked at the /proc/interrupts and with out xenomai loaded [i.e. default 
> linux kernel] I see my card beaing assigned MSI-EDGE interrupt and with 
> xenomai kernel i don't see the entry in the /proc/interrupts but in 
> /proc/xenomai/irq i see this entry 
> IRQ           CPU0   
> 16:              0       test_drv
> 521:             0       [IPI]
> 524:        869467       [timer]
> 525:             0       [critical sync]
> 546:             0       [virtual]
> Hi Jan and Chanteperdrix,
> Any thoughts or inputs on my updates of MSI not working ?

Ok. Since you are asking me directly I am going to answer:
my point of view is, as I already told you, that MSI are not supported,
so still from my point of view the answer to question 1 is: "none"

Question 2 is yes, it is fine, but since MSI is not supported, it is not
supposed to work.

Answer to question 3 is that /proc/interrupts shows the interrupts
registered with request_irq whereas /proc/xenomai/irq shows the
interrupts which have been registered by xnintr_init, which
rtdm_request_irq uses. So, this is not the same code, the two files do
not have the same layout.

The reason why I did not answer is that Jan probably has a different
point of view for question 1, so, I let him answer you. But as far as I
know, Jan asked you some questions, in answer to your last post, to
which you did not answer.


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