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> I guess you have all read the announcement of the
>        13th Real-Time Linux Workshop
>             October 20-22, 2011
>      Faculty of Electrical Engineering
>     Czech Technical University in Prague
>            Prague, Czech Republic
> and the related Call for Papers.  For reference, please see here:
> https://www.osadl.org/RTLWS-2011.rtlws-2011.0.html
> I think this will be a nice opportunity to hold our
>       Xenomai User Metting 2011
> Nicholas Mc Guire was kind enough to invite us to put the XUM into a
> track at RTLWS, so fro the technical / organizational side we are clear.
> What's needed it a lot of participants, and people who are willing to
> give presentations.  Ideally such papers should go through the RTLWS
> review process so they get added to the proceedings, see
> https://www.osadl.org/RTLWS13-Abstract.submission-form.0.html
> Could everybody who is interestted to participate, either just as
> attendee or as lecturer) please drop me a short note so we can
> estimate if we reach some critical mass? Please send this information
> to my address, so we avoid flooding the mailing list(s) without need.
> Of course, any public discussion of the event as such and about
> possible presentations is welcome, too.

Please note that the deadline for abstract submission expires on June
20, 2011, i. e. in LESS THAN A WEEK from now.

For details please see https://www.osadl.org/Single-View.111+M5460cc8c9d4.0.html

To anybody who has anything to present: Please submit your abstracts NOW!

To anybody who considers participating: Please drop me a note!

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