I'm new in the topic about the Xenomai co-kernel approach and I have some 
questions to the primary mode and secondary mode. 
I have trouble with the imagination of the fact in general, that one task 
(process oder thread) can be processed by two kernels (Xenomai nucleus and 
standard kernel), and treated by the one in real time and by the other in non 
1. So far I understood this approach, the primary and secondary mode is an 
abstract description of the fact, that threads or processes can be scheduled by 
the Xenomai nucleus or by the standard Linux kernel scheduler. Is this correct?
2. Now supose, that I have chosen the VxWork-skin and I started a task in the 
primary mode. Is it correct that when this task is calling a non 
VxWork-API-funtion, there will a change of the context from primary to the 
secondary mode? Or what is the exact condition of the switching of the context?
It would be very nice, if you could tell me a little bit about these questions?
Best regards 
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