It is also possible that someone is sending spam messages directly, not via your mailserver. If you have a spam message, you can usually find out if this is the case by viewing the e-mail headers (often visible in the "raw email source"). Is your mail server listed in the headers (in a Received: line)?

You could try to look into the XMail SMTP logs. Their location depends on the OS. If the spam mails are listed in these logs, something else is sending the emails to your XMail server and your XMail server is forwarding these spam messages. In this case you can find the IP address and possibly username of the sender. Possibly some account information for your mailserver has leaked, or the server may be configured as an open relay.

You can also use a tool like wireshark or tcpdump to monitor communications on tcp port 25, which would also tell you if your server is sending spam mails (if it is sending at that moment).

I hope this helps.


Op 21-5-2013 16:26, Spyros Tsiolis schreef:
Hello all,

I have a situation with an installation where someone has managed
to get hold of an e-mail address (the boss' actually) and is sending
spam to the outside world.

To an extend, I've managed to isolate the problem and it seems
it's the mail server itself.
I still don't know if it's XMail or an anti-spam solution I've adopted
since about 2004.

I would like to monitor the mail that goes out to the world.
Can I do this with XMail ? Do I check the logs ? Which logs ?
I've never done this before, so I would be greatful to any help.

thank you,


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