I think that the best way to avoid this kind of problem is making an OUTPUT filter that insert email headers (from, to, date/time) into a sql table to EACH message your XMail sends. So you can schedule another script in your OS (every 5 minutes, for example) that sum these table rows and take some action based on some rules (same FROM sending more than 5000 messages a day = BLOCK, same domain sending more than 20000 messages a day = BLOCK, etc, etc).

Without this, you will became crazy trying to analyze tons os logs...


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Hi Spyros
I experienced a similar situation some months ago: one of my
server email owner was sending tons of spam
After figthing with many log files, I have discovered that the
hacker had been able to hack the mailbox pwd, and he was sending
the email using smtp autetication method.
You can find the evidence of that inside the smtp log, looking for
all the authenticated users that are sending email, and find the
ones that are spam

Hi Stefano,

That's just it. I don't know of a way to check the log files for outgoing
That's what I am asking.

Thank you though,


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