To deliver messages to several accounts you should use lists. Alias is just one 
to one, as it is, an alias for an account.

On Tue Jun 18 09:33:15 2013 U.Mutlu <> wrote:
> I think I found a bug relating account aliases:
> Adding an alias
>     "aliasadd"[TAB]"domain"[TAB]"alias"[TAB]"account"<CR><LF>
> Deleting an alias
>     "aliasdel"[TAB]"domain"[TAB]"alias"<CR><LF>
> (BTW: I wonder why the [TAB] stuff is stated in the above syntax since
> that is a command, not a cfg file; that's at least confusing in the doc.)
> The aliasadd syntax indicates that one can add an alias on a per account
> basis. But trying to add the same alias to different accounts fails.
> Also, the aliasdel syntax lacks the corrosponding "account" parameter,
> isn't it?
> I would expect that every account be able to use his own aliases
> independent of what other accounts have used.
> But somehow there seems to be a bug, or maybe a design/api bug?
> Would be nice if a new version came out including these issues...
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