I have the problem that my installation of XMail 1.27 cannot resolve DNS 
addresses. To be specific, when stracing the SMAIL process, it creates a 
socket and connects() to at port 53 (I use SmartDNSHost of 
localhost). However, the SMAIL process does not get a return from the 
DNS server -- i.e. it gets a timeout.

When querying the DNS server at the command line with

nslookup <host>

I get an answer back. So, the DNS server works.

tcpdump on port 53 does not show any activity when XMail should resolve 
a name.

Even when I point SmartDNSHost to an external DNS server that I can also 
reach with nslookup, XMail cannot connect.

Does anybody has an idea what is going on?

Thanks a lot
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