Hi folks,

I'm using xmail for a long time now (maybe 7 yrs), and I'm still
very satisfied with it. OTOH I must admit I'm using it only for
a small number of users, and I've used (before xmail)
only one other mail-system (it was qmail iirc).

I'm using a self-compiled version of xmail (the crippled version
in the debian repository I tried about 2 yrs ago was unusable
due to cfg-files spread around to many OS-system dirs;
I like it compact under a single app-dir and its subdirs).

The only thing I don't like much is the usage of TAB as delimiter in the cfg-files.

What I would like to ask is:

- What are the shortcomings or missing features other users experience with 
- What about the new developments regarding ssl and crypto since Snowden,
  and their relevance to xmail?
- What new features should xmail have implemented?

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