I think that a github repo is better and easier to fork just in case someone 
else will contribute. 


> Il giorno 24/mag/2015, alle ore 18:09, U.Mutlu via xmail 
> <xmail@xmailserver.org> ha scritto:
> Hi Bart & All,
> Bart Mortelmans via xmail wrote on 05/16/2015 10:27 PM:
>> I have been using XMail for what must have been almost 15 years. I still
>> prefer XMail for anything that does not need IMAP.
> I have no experience yet with Dovecot, but what does it mean when
> they say "If you already have XMail Setup and just want to add in IMAP
> support See : dovecot-setup.html"  on this webpage:
> http://xmail.nomadcf.com/xmail-dovecot
>> I made some small changes to the code. If anybody would be willing to pick
>> up XMail and start development again, I hope that these changes can also
>> get into the new version. If you need more details, let me know!
> Thx, since Davide is not reachable for a very long time now (3+ yrs?),
> I hereby accounce my general interest in bugfixing and adding new
> features (patches and wishes of users) into the current 1.27 branch,
> if time permits. I'll also setup an svn repository.
> The only problem is: at this time I can't support any other OS beyond Linux.
> I will brand the new version something like "v1.27.n.linux"
> where "n" is a counter.
>> - Change the default error message for a failed pre-date or post-data
>> filter to code 451 (by default this would otherwise be 554 which means
>> there won’t be an other attempt). For me 451 makes much more sense.
> Can you explain how this is meant?
> Is it the return code of the filter program like discussed here? :
> http://xmailforum.marketmix.com/index.php?showtopic=3362
>> - Added basic support for LMTP. That way I can have XMail deliver mails to
>> dovecot directly. For this, I just had to add the LHLO message next to the
>> HELO and EHLO. This works for me, as with my configuration there shouldn’t
>> be any event in which XMail tries to deliver one e-mail to multiple
>> recipients via LTMP. I’m not sure if there might be other configurations
>> for which more work would be needed for LMTP to work.
> This sounds not trivial :-) I must admit I have no experience yet with LMTP,
> but I saw wikipedia has a page about it:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_Mail_Transfer_Protocol
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2033
>> - Made XMail log a line to SMAIL log in case of delivery failure (posted
>> details on this in an e-mail to this mailing list very recently).
> Yeah, I would need that feature too.
> I recently added this feature into xmail:
> spamassassin (spamd via spamc) reports, with default config,
> to every mail received by xmail the following bad score of 1.3:
> "1.3 RDNS_NONE   Delivered to internal network by a host with no rDNS"
> After much research and experimenting I figured out what the reason is:
> it is the "Received:" line xmail prepends to the mail depending on
> "ReceivedHdrType" in server.tab. There are choices from 0 to 4, and
> I added one more (5), and now spamassassin no more gives the above spam-score.
>> If anybody is taking feature requests: I would be interested in a way of
>> XMail talking to a “filter” via a socket. Now, for every e-mail to be
>> filtered, a process has to be started. It would be much more efficient if
>> XMail could talk a filter-server via a socket. That filter server could be
>> anything, but maybe we could even get it to talk directly to spamd and
>> clamd…
> Yes, that's a good idea. I'll study the xmail sources.
> -- 
> Thx
> Uenal
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