I did as you said.

But it generates 550 Mailbox unavailable errors.

So I went ahead and made a dummy internal account named

Inside the domain for, I put a with a 

Then I alias to the internal user in

And it works without 550 errors.



On 3/20/2016 5:33 AM, Bart Mortelmans wrote:

The easiest solution probably is putting this in

Obviously replacing [tab] with real tabs. And take into account that this is a 
file you can’t edit while XMailserver is running (so turn it off first or use 
CtrlClnt to edit it).


On 20 mrt. 2016, at 11:05, md--- via xmail <> wrote:

How does one create a catch all for a given domain while still allowing 
specific users to receive
their messages?

For example:

My domain is

I want all messages sent specifically to to come to my inbox.

But I want ALL other email address like to be sent to an 
external email address
at in domain?

I tried using aliases but it does not work like I want, to many 550 user unkown 

Any help?


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