Hi Kit,

(Of course) I rarely look at the XOP code.

* Kit Peters (kit.pet...@broadbean.com) [161017 23:27]:
>             <xsd:element name="submitLargeDocument">
>                 <xsd:complexType>
>                     <xsd:sequence>
>                         <xsd:element maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="1" 
> name="Document" nillable="true" type="nsm:StreamBody" 
> nsxmlmime:expectedContentTypes="application/octet-stream"/>
>                     </xsd:sequence>
>                 </xsd:complexType>
>             </xsd:element>

In the code (so probably also in the specs), the elements which get
to XOP need a type based on xsd:base64Binary.  See XML::Compile::SOAP

  sub _writer_xop_hook($)
  {   my ($self, $xop_objects) = @_;

      my $collect_objects = sub {
          my ($doc, $val, $path, $tag, $r) = @_;
          return $r->($doc, $val)
            unless UNIVERSAL::isa($val, 'XML::Compile::XOP::Include');

          my $node = $val->xmlNode($doc, $path, $tag);
          push @$xop_objects, $val;

     +{ type => 'xsd:base64Binary', replace => $collect_objects };

The returned hash is a hook, which wraps the processing of all elements
with type 'base64Binary'.

  - can you tell me the type 'nsm:StreamBody'
  - could you try to use the module changing 'type =>' into 'extends =>'
    in the returned hash?


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