On 10/14/2016 01:08 AM, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
First: By "complex HTML table", I mean tables which makes use of the
colspan (and perhaps rowspan) attributes on table cell elements (td and
th elements) in order to make cells span more than a single column (or row).

I would not call this a "complex HTML table".

Issue: Editing of complex tables is, I would say, impossible in XMLmind
XML editor. Once your document /have/ a complex table (for instance a
complex table that was edited by another application), the table will
(at least most often) be rendered very well by XMLmind XML editor. But
as soon as you start to edit those cells, by spanning or splitting them,
the rendering falls apart.

I have tried to manually re-render the page I work on (Command-L on
Mac), but it does not help. (May be it helps sometimes - in less complex
documents - but at least does not work in my case.) The problems arise,
typically, when, until one is finished editing (thus: while the "table
math" tells XMLmind that there are too few or to many cells in a
particular row (or column)). XMLmind XML editor will then render the
table in the mos bizarre ways - leaving the user completely uncertain
what is going on. In my case the entire document window basically became
white/empty so I had to close the document. As much as I can tell, I
must do the rest of my table editing in other tools.

Does this sound like a priority issue to the developers? If so I can
offer more detailed reports.

We routinely edit complex tables, having cells spanning several rows and/or columns, using XMLmind XML editor alone and never had any problem.

What you describe is simply XMLmind XML editor crashing and burning when you edit a complex table. If you had a console, you would see low-level error messages (exception stack traces).

Please explain step by step how to reproduce this bug and we'll be glad to fix it (or at least to make XMLmind XML editor more robust when faced to ill-formed, yet valid, HTML tables).

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