On 10/18/2016 03:54 PM, Grundtvig Nielsen Niels wrote:
May be you are simply using an old version of XMLmind XML Editor+XMLmind DITA 

That is indeed probable … the only way I can get download/install updates is to 
take my laptop home with me, connect to my home WiFi, temporarily override the 
corporate firewall, then hope for the best. In fact, now you mention it, I 
remember we'd discussed the [earlier[ restrictions on 'flaggable' elements 

Yes, this is strongly recommended given the .profiles file you use.

I'll try and plan a day of "remote working" next week, with software updates as 
one of my tasks; and I'll let you know. The deliverable in question is going to be 
WebHelp, anwway, and the problem only occurred when I was trying to generate a .pdf

This happened when generating the PDF and not the WebHelp or ODT, because only Apache FOP validates its input XSL-FO file. (Our own XSL-FO processor, XMLmind XSL-FO Converter, used to generate the .odt file, does not validate its input XSL-FO file.)

Apache FOP was 100% right in reporting the error:

"fo:inline" is not a valid child of "fo:list-block"

This error is caused by the fact that flagging list items was not supported before XMLmind DITA Converter v2.6.2 and this, whatever the output format. I mean, for the output formats other than PDF, it worked by chance.


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