Maïlys C. wrote:

After an upgrade to version 7 in last july, it is no longer possible use
the shortcut "ctrl + shift + s" to display the XML Source of my documents.
The source can still be displayed via the menu /View/ but using a
shortcut was very handy. Is there another shortcut instead? If not,
would it be possible to put it back?

I'm sorry to say that this is not a bug but simply a regression due to other major changes in the "Edit source" add-on. See

As of version 7, there is simply no shortcut like "ctrl + shift + s" to switch to the XML source view.

Of course, on Windows and on Linux, but not on the Mac, it's always possible to switch to the XML source view by pressing "Alt + V + 3" ("V" like the "V"iew menu, "3" because "3" is the underlined mnemonic of menu item "3 XML source").

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